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Suncoast Sisters


Suncoast Sisters Ministry is for all women at Suncoast no matter what stage of life they find themselves in. The goal of this ministry is to encourage women in their relationship with the Father, to each other, and to those in our community. We do this through relevant Bible studies, Girls Night Out, Ladies Lunches, Movie Nights, and reaching out to those in our community and abroad.

Content ModeratorPart 1:
As you are lovingly created by Abba Father, He wants you with Him. Not just in the future, now. We get in the way of such a life in fellowship with God as our human nature knows sin nature. Satan will find ways to present his own messages to us, which are untruths, for his own destructive purposes. What messages we regard will lead us to either captivity or freedom. 1 Peter 5:8

Messages of untruth will work in our thoughts and emotions to form beliefs about ourselves, the world around us and about God. Because such thoughts and emotions are based on untruth, the result is inner turmoil. The solutions we think or feel we need to eliminate this turmoil are based on nothing more than just that, our thoughts and emotions.

To move in the direction of living in truth and fellowship with the Creator means surrendering everything about false messages: the thoughts, the beliefs, the feelings. What we think or feel is the needed solution must also be surrendered. God is bigger than what we think and feel. He will rescue perfectly, not humanly. The worst is always bettered by God, God’s way. In surrender an exchange is made: untruth for complete faith in God. From captivity to freedom.


    Content ModeratorPart 2:
    After creation, the fall and curse, the Bible tells us of the man named Noah. Noah’s story illustrates
    God’s salvation. Noah wasn’t a perfect man, but God examined him and found his heart to be righteous; the only righteous one. So God chose to save Noah and his family. Following Gods way meant Noah would have to have faith in God and to trust what God was all about. As Noah faithfully built the ark for many dozens of years, he was also building his thoughts, feelings and beliefs for an unknown future built on the One he was trusting who had the message he believed. Noah chose truth and salvation. Genesis 6-8

    Today salvation is through Jesus. It is for now, not just some day. True salvation, with the life work of the Holy Spirit, is freedom. 1 John 1:7. It is for new believers and also for those who came to Christ long ago to work outwardly what God has already worked in their lives; miracles of grace. Do not be deceived by the word ‘surrender’ (the enemy will use even simple aversions to the connotation of words to introduce deceit). Surrender to your loving Creator never contradicts freedom. Yielding to Truth is to covenant with the Giver of Truth. To covenant with the Giver of Truth is to live. Choose as Noah chose.


      Content ModeratorPart 1:
      When the Lord, Our Father calls and I am moved, how should I respond? Young Samuel gives an example: “Here I am.” 1 Samuel 3. Another thirsty response is, “Here’s my heart, Lord, speak what is true,” set to a tune that Crowder sings. After all, what is this thing that I am invited to? Why was I created?

      It is a risk to respond rightly. The truth that God holds ready to give is wondrous and miraculous and is exactly, perfectly what we need. It may not be what we assume or think or feel that we need.

      You were created in God’s image. Does ‘image’ mean your body? Your personality? Your heart? Your perceived reputation? What is God’s shape/form anyway?? God’s form is glory. And that is how he modeled you. God loves you that much. You were created to learn of this Glory, to know God, to exist each moment in relationship with Him, to breathe God’s love in uninterrupted union with Him.


        Content ModeratorPart 2:
        We were not created to bear the burden of knowledge of evil nor of the nature of sin. But we do have that burden since Adam and Eve made choices allowing sin to enter the world after God created the world. Adam and Eve gave more attention to the enemy than he deserved. Satan still gets to us the same today; he manipulates us, he slanders God to us and he accuses us. Once the enemy gained a foothold with his lies, union with Our Creator was interrupted. Genesis 3.

        Fellowship with God was broken for all. Furthermore, I have no power to fix it. Remember, I am dependent on God. So, it is good and miraculous that He loves me; that he loves you. God’s next undertaking was thousands of years in the making with a trajectory that led to Jesus. The Father Creator’s intent: to make a way back to union with Himself. He alone has the power to open the Way for us to return to communion with Him, and God wanted to do so, prepaying the awful cost for you and me. The Way is open to all who will choose to journey in step with God’s invitation, finding Truth and Life, John 14:6. To respond completely is to learn truth (which may not seem to be what your hurts are seeking) and to discover that Your Creator completes you, making you satisfied in ways you were seeking. God’s way, on purpose. You are already beloved by God. So be loved. Be free. Be all His. You were created for this. Matthew 22:37-38.


          Content ModeratorPart 1
          When you read the opening words and verses of the Bible you might notice that God has miracles for his people and for all mankind. Before reading the first ten words do the Bible there are two wondrous works demonstrating God’s creativity and love. For those who acknowledge God, these miracles are blessings, intrinsic and beyond measure; so much so that that the basic life-giving nature of God’s creation is often forgotten, overlooked or even taken for granted. Sometimes we’re just busy, full of worries, and our consciousness pushes the vital awareness far back. Genesis chapters 1 and 2.

          God not only created our environment, He created you. On purpose. Your life is neither an accident nor mere coincidence. Because God intentionally created you, your life is not meaningless. In turn, this endows you with dignity. Accidents, mistakes, coincidences all lack dignity. God’s creation lacks no good thing. And God loves You, His creation. He loves you so much that He created you in His own image. God did not make any other creature in his image. Psalms 8.


            Content ModeratorPart 2
            There is much increasing clamor about rights. Any particular right that one is seeking often follows with the interests of an individual or group. But for those of us who know we are created by God, we know the rights of ownership on our lives belong to Him. I am dependent on God and he cares for me (including my rights) perfectly. As we move through life, when we see his care, knowing our dependence on God, we are clothed in humility and begin to understand our true worth, found only in the Creator.

            Knowing God is a gift, essential for life, for any who will pursue God. He tells us of Himself if only we will learn to respond to His steadfast invitation. God invites us in His Word and in fellowship with Him. God desires fellowship with you, and He has made it possible. What our Father Creator did to make this possible is another life-giving miracle. God gave us Deliverance to open communion and fellowship with Him and it brings delight to His heart. Will you respond to the earnest and tender call? Romans 8:39


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