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From the Business Office

"Be strong, all you people of the land," declares the Lord, "and work. For I am with you," declares the Lord Almighty... "and I will fill this house with Glory," says the Lord Almighty.

Haggai 2:4,7


From the Business Office


Over the last few weeks Pastor Tim has been sharing with us his vision to ‘Restore the Glory’ of God throughout Tampa Bay- starting here at Suncoast. I found both of his messages to date, ‘The Small Things’ and ‘What if? Imagine the Possibilities’ to be very thought provoking and inspiring. They are helping me to move to a greater understanding about what God wants to do through me. As I contemplate this, I am challenged to also believe that God desires to work through each one of us as we move together into a place of receiving a greater manifestation of God’s glory in our lives and in our house of worship. I am confident that God’s glory is what we all want to see. We love it and when we find ourselves without God’s glory we crave it ever so deeply. The fact is each one of us was created to experience the glory and goodness of God in great measure.

One day Moses was talking with God, and he said, “Show me your glory.” Have you ever asked God for that? God, show me your glory. The word itself, glory, is a rather remarkable word that belongs solely to God. We are reflectors of God’s glory when we live our lives and partake in God’s plan. This carries with it the idea of weight, substance, or even burden. The idea is the glory of God gives weight, meaning and significance to all of life and creation. He even shares and manifests it in such a way that it makes our individual lives matter. Really matter. This is true not only for our lives but the lives of those who come and worship together with us. In response to Moses, the Lord responded by saying that he would “cause His goodness” to pass in front of him. When the goodness of God passed by Moses, the kindness, the love, the mercy and the compassions of God were manifested as well. Moses got to experience it first-hand but so did all of Israel when the tabernacle was later filled with the Glory of the Lord.

We at Suncoast want to see God’s glory manifested in ways greater than ever before. When God spoke through the prophet Haggai about the promised glory of the new house, God said it would be greater than the former, and He put a challenge and word of encouragement before the Israelites. He said, “Be strong… and work… For I am with you.” (Haggai 2:4) These are the same words given by David to Solomon in the building of the original temple. They are also similar words given by God to Joshua in leading the Israelites into the promise land. I find them to be challenging words for us today in that the task before us to ‘Restore the Glory’ here at Suncoast is great and is going to take all the strength and energies we have to make it happen on a physical plane, though truly we seek for God to ‘Restore the Glory’ spiritually. But, this will mean different things for each of us. For some, it can mean physical labor and sweat. For others, it can mean sacrificing resources. The point is that as we ask for God to show us His glory. We are also asking Him to show us what we can individually do that would prepare and usher in the manifestation of His glory. As we move forward together, we can be encouraged because His promise to be with us will also bring a manifestation of His glory to us as we put our hands and hearts to the task set before us.

We deeply want to see God ‘Restore the Glory’ of His house here at Suncoast in a physical and tangible way. Over the next few weeks and months Pastor Tim will continue to provide progressive updates on the task before us. To date, many have already rallied to the cause through providing gifts and making pledges toward the new roof. Others are putting their hands to the task through physical labor in removing overgrown fauna and replacing damaged mechanical and plumbing systems. If you have not already done so, please take advantage of the enclosed materials to pass along a gift or make a pledge in whatever financial amount the Lord has placed on your heart. For others who have the ability to offer their skills, time and physical labor toward ground restoration please feel free to reach out to me and I will connect you accordingly. Above all, prayerfully consider what your part may be as we heed the call together to ‘Restore the Glory’ of God.

Blessings upon your day,

Paul Sheridon, Business Pastor