Video and Livestream

"Acts in Action" Video Ministry


In Acts, Luke continues the presentation of biblical history, describing how the salvation promised to Israel in the Old-Testament and accomplished by Jesus Christ has now under the guidance of the Holy Spirit been extended to everyone. "Acts in Action" is a video ministry which shares in these same themes by presenting the good news, encouraging our viewers, and offering education opportunities. Our current and future projects include:

 •  Live streaming our services offer huge opportunities for more effectively reaching our congregation as well as those that may not yet have a Church home.

 •  Filming and producing cinematic shorts and other encouraging programs for our services and for our growth.

 •  Recording and distributing various educational series, such as the Bible School, and other educational projects.

For more information on how to serve on this team, please contact Lee Fictum and view our giving page.

Event StartTitle
6/25/2017 6:30 PM - Young Adult Svc "The Gathering"
6/26/2017 9:30 AM - Silver Saints Senior Adult Ministry
6/26/2017 9:30 AM is closed for Summer*
6/26/2017 6:30 PM - Men's Ministry: Wingmen
6/27/2017 9:00 AM - Suncoast School of Ministry (AM)
6/27/2017 12:00 PM - Tuesday Prayer Chapel
6/28/2017 9:30 AM - Mom's in Prayer
6/28/2017 7:00 PM - Mid Week Service
6/28/2017 7:00 PM - Crimson Youth
6/28/2017 7:00 PM - Kids Alive (Mid week)